Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap!

All in all we had a really good (BUSY) weekend! :) Isn't that the norm around here? Friday night was Halloween. Saturday I had both my little nephews for a while and that was fun. Britt ended up taking the older one to his ballgame at 4:00. My Mom came over and watched the younger nephew and Blair while I took Baylee to see High School Musical 3. She LOVED it! She even said right when it was over that she didn't want to leave the theater! TOO CUTE!

We let her sleep in the tent last night. Yes, we set up the HUGE tent in our living room and Britt and Baylee slept in it all night! She was the happiest little girl that I have ever seen! She could barely go to sleep she was so excited!

Today Britt took Baylee to church. We haven't left Blair too much at church because she gets really upset and scared. I know that all little kids have to go through this, but with her belly and everything I just worry. When she was still an "infant" she would just sleep through the service. Now, I'm worried that she will start singing and stuff during the sermon. So, we will have to figure something out. Like going to Saturday night and Sunday service or something like that. We had our Discovery group meeting tonight and that was great! Great food and great company!

Now I'm sitting here getting ready to watch my Desperate Housewives! :) I know I know... but I'm addicted! :)

Other than that just another busy week ahead of me.

Big Hugs to everyone!

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