Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Motherly Instincts were dead on! At least in the eyes of the ER Dr

So, we are in Little Rock. We took Blair to the ER at Children's after not hearing back from our Neonatologist! The ER Dr seems to think she is aspirating a little bit. Even though we switched her back to the Simply Thick and formula mixture I still want a swallow study done. Well, the Radiology Dept is open 24/7 however the Radiologist isn't there on the weekends. SO... we've got to wait until Monday morning and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lyle and then they will schedule an emergency swallow study for her!

We need prayers right now that she is doing better now that we've switched her back to Simply Thick. I want the swallow study to use the Simply Thick and the Rice/Oatmeal mixture to see if that was truly the issue. If she is aspirating on both kinds then the only other option for us is constant tube feeds. Which isn't bad, but it delays all kinds of feeding things in the future. I'm completely stressed out right now. Please pray for some sanity for me!

Hugs - Tiffany

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Bird said...

I hope they figure this thing out asap! I'm sure it's tough. I'll say some prayers that this is handled quickly.