Saturday, December 6, 2008

Still thinking....

I'm still thinking that Blair could be aspirating. It's either the paranoid Motherly instinct in me or she is truly aspirating. And, that's just not something to mess with. As I type this I'm waiting for Dr. Lyle... our Neonatologist in Little Rock to call me back! I want an emergency swallow study ASAP for her! Even though this means that we have to drive 3 hours one way... I don't care! It's the health of my child we are dealing with here!

Yesterday I talked to the Nutritionist at Little Rock Children's. We are switching her back to Simply Thick with her formula. I even went to buy new nipples last night for all of her bottles. I cut them even smaller just to make sure she's not getting too much formula when she's eating.

She's still sick. I think the antibiotics only took away her fever. She's still really snotty and congested. She had her 2nd synages shot this last week. This helps prevent her from getting RSV. This has been on-going now for 2 weeks and I'm very worried about it. We are all getting ready and we are going to jump in the car and hope that Dr. Lyle calls us on the way there! If not, I will take her to the ER there and then they can page him and we can get the study done. Their Radiology Dept is open 24/7.

Anyway... that's all for now. I will put another update out here after we hear something.

Hugs - Tiffany

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