Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our trip to see Santa!

Let me just start off by telling you about last year's experience. So, I took Baylee during the week to see Santa. Just because I was prego and it wasn't crowded and I knew she would freak out. But, she wanted to give him her list. We went to see him and there was no line. There were a couple of kids ahead of her and I thought she would do okay seeing that they were happy and she watched them get on his lap. Well, she decided it wasn't the best idea and she did NOT want to sit on his lap. Off to the car we went and she was crying... so we went back in! We did this a few times and she FINALLY sat on my lap... which looked like she was sitting on his lap because I leaned out of the picture. Here is that lovely moment!

This year was MUCH better. Baylee watched her 2 cousins go up and sit on Santa's lap... along with some kids ahead of us. She wasn't scared at all and didn't throw a fit to sit on his lap and give him her list. It was cute. Blair wasn't scared either and actually pulled at his beard the whole time! It was cute. It turned out to be a beautiful day as well. It was right around 70 so we walked around the mall afterwards and did a little shopping. They built our mall a few years ago and all of the stores are on the outside. It was the perfect day for it.

We took a family picture afterwards and I thought it came out really well.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We started putting lights up today on the outside of the house. Of course we didn't get done because we had to go to our Discovery meeting. It's only suppose to be 23 tomorrow and raining... so hopefully we can get it done this week! Britt told Baylee earlier that if it wasn't raining when we got home he would finish it. I don't think he realized the temp would drop as much as it did. And it had rained while we were gone so it was all nasty out. It's suppose to ice/snow tonight. When we pulled in the driveway tonight we told Baylee that we would have to finish the lights this week. She said, "But Daddy, I'll hold the flashlight for you!" SO SWEET! Baylee told Britt the other night that all she wanted for Christmas was lights on the house! UGH!
Hugs - Tiffany


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

ADORABLE!!! I'm scared to take my 2 year old. Last year was a nightmare. BUT, I have to have the picture... from the same Santa of course!

blairspage said...

Yep... that's how it was for us last year. This year helped SO much because my nephews were there and all the other kids weren't scared... THANK GOD! I think she's beginning to realize that everyone that dresses up (Santa, Easter Bunny, etc) isn't scary like she thinks! :)

Bird said...

Both of those pictures are just priceless! You know, I didn't even THINK to have Charlie's picture taken with Santa. It wasn't something we did very often and I guess I just forgot.