Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ear Infection!

My sweet Blair Bottoms has an ear infection. She went to be okay Thursday night. Britt went in to feed her around 11:30 and said she felt hot. The temp... 102.4 So, we loaded her up with some Ibuprofen and she went to sleep. She woke up around 12:30 and ate another bottle. Again at 3:00 and then at 6:00. I was thinking... WOW... she hasn't done this in a LONG time. She normally will sleep through the night and not want a bottle. In the morning she seemed to be getting worse... a very hoarse cough and runny nose. All of this happened overnight! Got her in to the Dr. at 11:15 and sure enough her left ear is infected.

I took her script to get it filled and went back later to pick it up. After all, the wait was 2 hours! UGH! Anyway... last night she kept getting worse and her fever got up around 104. I got a couple of doses of meds in her and a couple of Tylenol and Ibuprofen. She is MUCH better today and her fever is gone. Thank goodness!

I hate seeing either of my girls sick. They are so pitiful looking and know when they are hurting I would much rather be hurting for them!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. Yesterday it was almost 70 here and a minute ago when I checked it was 29!

Hugs- Tiff


Sam, Erin, Ava and Madeline said...

:( No fun :( I hope she is feeling better! (I wanted you to know I linked your blog to my blog I hope that is OK!)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Poor little woobie! I hope she's back up to speed by now.

Debbie said...

There's nothing worse than one of your children being ill. I hope she continue to improve.

Small Town Girl said...

Bummer!! But it's a good thing that you weren't planning on the surgery now because that would probably have put a kink in the plans. Hope she's better soon!

toni said...

Ug! Those ear infections are the worst!