Monday, January 12, 2009

My little Blair

Well, today Blair had a 9 month appointment at the Dr. I was going to take her back anyway because since her ear infection we found on Friday she's still not getting better. She really coughing and hacking and not eating her bottles well.

We found that her infection that was in her left ear on Friday was all cleared up, but now she had one in her right ear! UGH! So, she got put on a different antibiotic this time.

I hope this clears it up because she has been VERY fussy lately. And, she's just not a fussy baby!

Blair will start back OT/PT next week with Kerri and Juli! I'm excited about getting her back in to going since she is not having surgery until later in the year. Plus, I like them telling me what I need to work on with her! We've been working on a lot of standing and sitting on her own. She does good for the most part.

She was in the 25th % for her weight.
She was in the 60th % for her height.
She was in the 15th % for her head circumference.

So, she's catching up!

Baylee has her 1st imaginary boyfriend... well 2 actually! Dustin and Jake. She was talking to both of them on her Princess play cell phone the other night. I told her if Daddy would of been there she would be in trouble. Daddy says she can't date for another 26 years! :) It was funny what she was saying!

Then, last night she was talking through the door to Britt and acting like she was on the phone with him. This is the conversation:

Baylee: Daddy?
Britt: Yes, Baylee!
Baylee: Do you want to go to the football with me? (That's gotta make a Daddy proud)
Britt: Sure, what time do you want to go?
Baylee: 5-60-80-30
Britt: (He busted out laughing!)


Debbie said...

Why did the other antibiotic not help the right ear? Are there specific ones for each ear? Medicine - it is so confusing.
Hope she is completely well soon.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That stinks about the 2nd ear infection! Hope the antibiotics kick in soon.

Love the daddy/daughter conversation!

Small Town Girl said...

Imaginary boyfriends, huh? Don't think I ever had any of those.

Hope Blair's back to normal soon!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Your letter is H! :-)

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Ugh, ear infections are the DEVIL! I had a friend who's daughter couldn't get rid on one until she did the antibiotic shots :( I hope hers clears up SOON!!!

Bird said...

I can totally picture Baylee in about ten years--good luck!

I'm so sorry Blair Bottoms is still sick. Sick kids are the pits.