Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was tagged (by choice) by Evil Twin's Wife to play along in letter tag. The letter she has choosen for me is H. I have to list 10 "H" things I like.

Here goes....

1. Honey - I love it on a lot of things... especially the buttermilk rolls at Bud's Chicken!!!! YUM!

2. Hot Showers - Especially in the winter when I'm freezing my rear off!

3. Honda - And, by that I mean the car... or my mini-van that I had to give up! I miss it!

4. Hiking - It's been years since I have been, but I love it when I go! Devil's Den is my fav!

5. Haircuts - There's nothing like a good haircut to make you feel good about yourself!

6. Hugs - Especially from my sweet girls! There's just nothing like it!

7. Hot Summer Days - Because that means lake time or pool time! :)

8. Hurricanes - The drink... LOVE THEM!

9. Heels - That are slowing dwindling from my shoe collection!

10. Halloween - It's just fun to get a lot of candy and give it out!

If you would like to play along and haven't played before just leave me a comment saying "let's do this" and I will assign you a letter. Other than that just feel free to stop by!

Hugs - Tiffany


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Great list! Sissy and I are getting haircuts on Thursday (it will be her first "real" cut aside from bangs). And the Evil Twin and I love Halloween so much we got married on Oct. 30 (a Saturday that year).

Small Town Girl said...

I'll do it! And if you want a Fabulous Blog Award come on over and see what that's all about. Let me know my letter, and make it an easy one! ;)

Small Town Girl said...

Yup, there's a button, too, you can steal that from Kat's page...I didn't know how to put it on mine! Yup, just list 5 addictions. :)

Small Town Girl said...

Okay, I"m done but my letter was NOT easy. I suck at stuff like this! :)

Miss Thystle said...

big hug for a happy list!