Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mixed up!

This week I've been mixed up on my days. It feels like Friday to me! I think it's because Baylee was in Cabot spending time with Mamaw and Papaw and I went to pick her up Monday afternoon. I stayed the night and then we came back yesterday since Blair had her appointments today.

Baylee will have school tomorrow and that will give me a chance to hang out with Blair and work with her on OT/PT stuff. I try to get as much in as possible, but it seems we have been on the go lately. While Blair was getting her Synages shot today the nurse informed Baylee when she turns 4 she has to get some shots. Of course she was NOT thrilled. I guess I'm just trying to get her prepared for it. I don't want to walk in there and her not know what's going to happen. This is how that conversation went.

Me: Now, you know I will hold you tight when they give you those shots right?
Baylee: I'm not getting them!
Me: Honey, everyone has to get them... it's better to do them when you are 4 instead of waiting until you start Kindergarten right?
Baylee: So, you will hold me when the Dr do's that to me?
Me: Yes, I sure will!
Baylee: And, then I get ice cream afterwards?

Oh, I can't wait for Blair to start talking! I can only imagine the conversations THEY will have together!

Hugs- Tiffany


Evil Twin's Wife said...

My son had to have a shot as his well child check up last week. They have a spray that will freeze and numb the area. He was very upset at having to get a shot, but afterwards, he was fine and said it didn't hurt much except his arm was sore (muscle). Ask for the freezy spray!

We went thru almost 3 years of ST/OT/PT with Buddy (he was born 3 mos prematurely)... It *is* exhausting, but totally worth it! :-)

Princess Abigail said...

That is a lovely conversation there! Whilst my eldest son would be happy with a 'Certificate of bravery and courage" after his vaccinations, the younger son could only be cooerced if promised a nintendo game. Baylee's negociation is far sweeter and cosier. Wanna swap Baylee for Nathan?? (just kidding!!).

I'm looking forward to Blair talking to! Imagine the virtual conversations she could have with Abigail!!!

Alison in France
The Bernard Bunch

Miss Thystle said...

The best conversations will be the ones where they don't realize you're listening!

Word to the wise, learn to laugh silently...

Debbie said...

That will be so precious! There's nothing like that little sibling chatter.