Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Pictures

Baylee outside her new school!

Blair thought it was funny to have the washrag on her head!

Blair's new wrap I was telling you about. I sewed the 2 brown straps together to make it wider!

She LOVES her bath! Totally opposite of Baylee when she was that age.

Baylee decided to sit in the big tub with Sissy and I have a video of her washing her hair! SO CUTE! Since I can't upload video's on here I can't share it with you guys! :(

Just thought I would get some new pictures out here of Baylee and Blair. I'm also including pics of the "other" side of the kitchen! Baylee had her 1st day at Preschool today! She has been begging us to take her to school for several months now. This is the conversation on the way there.
Me: Baylee, are you excited about your 1st day at preschool
Baylee: Yes, but Momma you have to go through the drive-thru thing and drop me off!
Me: No, I have to walk you to your class!
Baylee: But, Momma I can go by myselfs you can drop me off.
Me: No, I have to walk you in and sign you in and pay.
Baylee: Well, when you come pick me up you can come through the drive-thru!
Me: Ugh... No, honey I have to come in and pick you up as well! :)

This child is so independent... which is good, but it's frustrating when trying to explain something like that to her. See, they have this drive-thru thing and she wanted me to drop her off and pick her up. And, she also told me that the school bus was taking her somewhere. Although she didn't know exactly where! HILARIOUS!


Small Town Girl said...

It's probably a good thing that Blair likes baths because it would probably be a little traumatizing giving her a bath with her belly if she was fighting you the whole time.

Can't wait to hear how Baylee's first day of school went!

Debbie said...

A bath can fix so many things!

Miss Thystle said...

a washrag on your head IS funny. Smart girl!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

So cute! I'm glad Baylee likes preschool so much! My Buddy was really independent like that.