Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baylee's 1st day of school

I thought I would post more about her 1st day of preschool. I don't think I can say how much she loves it enough. They had chapel yesterday, went to the library (where she checked out a book to bring home and played in the gym for their extra activities. They got to cut (use the scissors) and made a snowman pictures. She was also sounding out some of her letters! I think all in all this will be a good experience for her. Her teacher's name is Miss Pam and she loves her! She kept telling us that she was the "new girl" and they kept saying that yesterday!

I think she was so excited she did not want to go to bed last night. We put her to bed around 8:15 and by 10 (when Britt and I were going to bed) she was STILL awake! UGH!

Blair thinks it's SO funny to do pat-a-cake. We are trying to teach her to clap. Sometimes she will get it, but mostly she pats her legs. She is teething, but I can't figure out if she's getting more bottom teeth or top teeth. I can sort of feel the bumps on her top gums so I'm thinking it will be her top teeth next. We are still battling fluid behind her right ear. The ear numbing drops seem to help at night when we put her to bed! She has PT today at 11 and I'm excited to show Kerri everything she is doing!

Hugs - Tiffany


Small Town Girl said...

Glad to hear Baylee loved it as much as she thought she would!! :)

Miss Thystle said...

I'm so glad she loved school!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I would much rather have the "so excited they can't sleep" child rather than the one clinging to your leg crying as you try to leave. I got lucky the first time, we'll see how I fare with the 2nd one. :-)

toni said...

That's too funny! You would've thought she'd be so tired from school that she'd fall asleep easily! Glad she liked it. Love all the pictures of Baylee and Blair--both of them are getting so big. They have the most gorgeous blue eyes and sweet little faces--Blair looks like a Gerber baby, I swear. I hope you guys are all thawed out. Sounds like you survived all that ice--what a nightmare!

joell said...

Hey Tiff. I am trying to make some rounds in blogland...I am so delinquent. Glad preschool was fun. The girls are getting so big and love the cute pic on the header of your page!

Lorrie Veasey said...

OMGosh-so glad you posted the pictures of the kitchen--that color is just beautiful--your home must be so lovely.

Glad Baylee loved school!!