Saturday, February 7, 2009

Question... this has been bugging me!

Hi, I'm Amy's blog brought this question MORE and MORE in to my mind....

Okay, so I'm the type of person that always wonders what it would be like to live somewhere else... like where YOU ALL live! So, as someone that has traveled a bit in the US... more in the South than anything... I have this one question for all of you! WHAT IS IT LIKE WHERE YOU LIVE? Why do you live where you live... is it somewhere you grew up?

So I'm going to tell you why I live in Bentonville... home of Wal-Mart... BLECK! My parents moved me here when I was 1 from Duluth, MN. So, I've basically lived here all my life! My Grandparents moved here the year before we did to retire. It's a HUGE retirement area. Lots of golf courses and lakes. Anyway... I've lived in Missouri and Tennessee and they were both great places to live. But, I kept coming back here for whatever reason. I think it's more of a comfort thing with my family and close friends here. I have DREAMED of living in CA. Somewhere that's warm year round... so obviously southern CA.

Just give me a tid-bit of why you live where you do!

Hugs - Tiff


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I've always lived in NC. I lived in Charlotte for the most part, which is a pretty large city. A CLEAN city, which I love. My parens moved to Western NC (about 2 hours West of Charlotte) my senior year of highschool (my dad had a large business, he sold it and they decide to move to their favorite vacation place). I stayed and finished highschool there and then moved here. That was about 9 years ago. I LOVE it here in the mountains. We experience all 4 seasons. Fall is awesome. It was 19 degrees earlies this week and it was 70 today. So weird!!!

Ron said...

I live in Kentucky for a variety of reasons ..

This is just home is the primary reason .. I have lived in several other states while working long term construction projects .. I have lived in TN, OH, IN, & LA. I have visited, signed up for work while in, or worked in WV, VA, DC, MI, AL, MS, GA, FL, SC, NC, IL, and PA.

No matter where I have lived or visited for whatever length of time, (6 weeks to 3 yrs) I have always came home to Kentucky.

I could say it is family, I turned down two job offers in Hawaii because I would be to far from my kids. But in the same light, I have moved 350 miles from any of my family before (kids were younger and came with me.)

I am part of KY and KY is just a part of me.

OHN said...

Ohio. I came here from Pennsylvania (living there 6 years) after moving from NY state (birth to age 12). It's funny..I have lived in my current town for almost 29 years and I still answer NY when people ask where I am from. Weird.

So, I came to Ohio for college, when I graduated I got a job I liked then one day met BigD, married him 2 years later and here we are.

The one thing that has been great is that all three of my kids have grown up in the house we are living in and have known no other home. I wouldn't doubt that they end up living in this area as adults too.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I live in WV. I came here with my parents 25 years ago, when my dad was promoted in his job. Prior to that we had lived in AL, GA and KS (in that order). I graduated from college here in WV, met my husband (who works for the State) and here we are. We live in a quiet, safe area and we love it - except for the winters and snow. After this last one, we're swearing that we're going to move to Orlando after the Evil Twin retires (in about 7 years). LOL.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Why do I live in NYC? Cuz honey, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Also, I wanted to be a part of it-and I had these things called "vagabond blues" which were longing to stray.

Bird said...

I live north of lake Ponchatrain in Louisiana. We're here to be close to our families, but we live north of the lake so we don't HAVE to evacuate during hurricanes. We might go without power for awhile, but flooding in not an issue here.

There is no other place in the US like New Orleans--you can live other places, but it's different here and there's no other place like it. The food, the music, the way people talk--it's all VERY New Orleans.

Miss Thystle said...

I live in Phoenix, and I assure you that you don't want to live here.

The economy is in the toilet, the neighborhoods are clogged with abandoned houses and every other story on the news is about illegal imigration related incidents (positve and negative, to be fair)

That said, the weather is fab, the scenery is amazing and there is are tons of out-doorsy things to do.

So you should visit, but not move here!