Monday, March 23, 2009

Blair's Appt and this weekend!

We took a little trip to St. Louis Friday for Blair's appt. While we were there Dr. Warner (surgeon) wanted us to meet with the Plastic Surgeon while we were there. He talked to us about doing tissue expanders. It's where they put an expander in her abdomen and stretch the skin and abdomen area over a 6-8 week period. After that is done they do surgery and cover the O with as much "good" skin as possible. I've got to research it a bit, but it was very interesting. The only thing was that this Dr. had only done 6-8 of these with one failure. And, by failure... the child didn't die the expander floated into the O sac and stretched the "bad" skin and the O. They had to remove the expander and stitch it to his stomach area.

Saturday we went to Fair Oaks Farm. THAT was cool! We got to see some baby cows being born. We took a bus tour of the farm and ate a WONDERFUL lunch! While we were there Baylee was running so we wouldn't miss the birth and she had a seizure. Scary, but I knew what to expect. So, it has something to do with running. When she does run she will say her belly hurts so she will stop. This is exactly what happened the last time she had one. So, I've got a call in to her Dr. to find out what we need to do. I'm assuming they will want to send her to the Children's Hospital to run some tests on her.

After we got home we ended up taking her to Urgent Care because she had been complaining that it hurt when she went potty. Bladder infection #2. The Dr. also told me that her vaginal opening is very small and that's probably what's causing it. Everytime she goes potty when she gets done about 5 minutes later she will complain that she went potty in her pants a little bit! Well, that urine is getting trapped. So, we've got to get that checked out as well. The Dr. told me if she were her patient she would treat it with some hormone cream to open it up a bit. We will see what our pediatrician says when they call me back today!

So, lots going on with the girls. Blair is fully back to 100% with no cough anymore so I'm glad she's feeling better!

That's about it! I will post more when I get home Wednesday with lots of pictures!

Hugs - Tiff


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow - you have so much on your plate, yet your attitude is amazing! I'm so proud of you! I hope Baylee makes a speedy recovery from the UTI - those things are awful. :-(

Miss Thystle said...

Those girls are so lucky to have you as their mom!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I totally agree with ETW & Thystle! :)

Small Town Girl said...

Wow, never a dull moment with you guys, huh!?!? Hope everything gets all straightened out soon!

Debbie said...

You are do keep busy. I hope everything and everyone is well soon.

Bird said...

That is crazy about the seizure--I hate seizures.

I'm glad Blair is feeling better and wish Baylee a speedy recovery!

joell said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on, girl! But, as usual, you sound cool as a cucumber! How do you do that? ;-)

Take care! And I hope things settle down soon.