Monday, March 30, 2009

I figure I had better post before someone comes to stalk me!

Our trip was awesome! I'm glad to be home, but missing our friends in Indy... let's just say that we had a LOT going on while we were there.
First, Blair was hospitalized 4 days after we arrived there. She had para-influenza 3. Her oxygen was really low which prompted the 4 day hospital stay! We almost made it the entire time without Britt coming to help me, but on day 2 Baylee had a little breakdown that just about broke my heart. She couldn't understand why she couldn't either stay with me at the hospital or go stay with Daddy in Arkansas. I know she was missing me and I know she was being taken care of at Sanne's house, but she just needed her parents and Blair really needed me. So, we called Daddy and he came up on Saturday to help out for the day. He actually stayed at the hospital that night to give me a break from being there for 3 days straight. He left early Monday morning to head back home to work again.

After the hospital venture we spent a day at the Children's Museum, had a couple of playdates, visited Fair Oaks Farm where Baylee had her seizure! I got to watch Zoe compete in track and field one day. We took a few walks around the neighborhood. Sanne's hubby Steffen made us some AWESOME sushi... I'm talking... better than Shogun/Benihana or any other sushi place! AWESOME!

Other than that we had a great time and I cannot wait to go back!
Tomorrow we are taking Baylee to get her EKG done at the hospital. This is because of the 2nd seizure. We are ruling out that she has something "wrong" with her heart. Like the athletes that die competing and they don't know why... she gave it a name, but I don't remember what she said. After that she will have a scheduled EEG on her brain.

Her bladder infection is gone and we are using hormone cream on her to open everything up down there. Since we've been using it she hasn't complained that she has pee-pee'd in her pants a little bit.... so I'm hoping that it's working!

I'm still researching Blair's appt as far as the tissue expander's. I think for now we are going to wait until she's older and bigger to do anything.
Blair is on 100% milk (still warmed a bit) and sippy cups that she is now holding! I gave most of the bottles to Angela and threw the rest in the trash. She is really trying to get around on her belly. She will turn in a full circle while laying on her stomach. I think it's progress towards crawling, but her belly still seems to get in the way! She will scoot backwards with her arms also.

Hugs - Tiff


Evil Twin's Wife said...

You've just had too much going on at once! I hope you are getting some relaxation time at home. Lots of kids go from rolling/scooting to standing, so it sounds like Blair is doing great! I'm glad Baylee is feeling better too. {{{HUGS}}}

Bird said...

Looks like fun! Maybe we should take a little trip to Arkansas for Spring Break or something.

I bet they're checking out Baylee for Long QT. Charlie's used to be elongated, but now it's fine! You might want to start warming her up for the EEG--they put super glue in their hair and it doesn't hurt, but they freak out A LOT!

Fingers crossed that eveyrthing is fine!!!!

Small Town Girl said...

Looks like you had a great time except for the hospital stay and the seizure of course. I'm glad you all made it home safe and sound!

I posted about my weekend this morning, so you'll have to check that out. :)

Miss Thystle said...

Don't forget to let us know how Baylee's tests go!

pixiemama said...

Your kids are so beautiful. Thanks for the pix.