Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still in the hospital

Blair is still here. They just came in and turned off her oxygen to see how she does without it. She slept really good last night... that means that I slept pretty good too! The nurses kept apologizing that when they would come in they would wake me up and I would get up with her. I told them it's my job as her Mom to do so! :) We were laughing about it.

I think Britt is going to come up today. Baylee has had a couple of meltdowns about why she can't stay here with me! Poor kid has been through a lot with her little sissy. Hopefully Britt is on the road by now!

The lung Dr. said her lungs sound better. A few little crackling sounds, but not with every breath. So, that is good... she's on the road to recovery! He said we might get out of here tomorrow, but I don't want to rush it and have to bring her back so slow is good!

Hugs to everyone and thanks to everyone for praying. I will get around to everyone's blogs as I get a chance!



Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm glad your husband is coming to help. Having a little one with challenges in life is hard on everyone. Stay strong - things will get better!

joell said...

OMGoodness! So sorry that Blair has been so sick! Hang in there, girl...sounds like Blair is in good hands...yours and the docs and nurses! HUGS and prayers!!