Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baylee's EEG Appointment

Baylee did AWESOME today for her EEG. Granted she was TIRED as was I, but we powered through it. Around 4:30 this morning she was getting antsy and wanting Britt to get up with her. So, we went and woke Daddy up. He took her to the store and I caught about 30 minutes of rest before I had to get up and get ready!

It took about 30 minutes for the Therapist to put the leads on her head. Another 30 minutes for the "awake" portion of the testing. Another 30 minutes of trying to get her lay still and fall asleep. That was a task in itself. I think she was just past the point of tired and was doing anything to stay awake. She FINALLY fell asleep and it took another 30 minutes while she was sleeping. He said he got some really good stuff while she was asleep and also "junk" readings, but at least they got what they needed.

He said the Pediatric Neurologist would read the results today and hopefully have them to Dr. Cadle sometime tomorrow. I'm hoping the sooner the better because I'm totally inpatient and HATE waiting more than anything!

Of course Blair is now sleeping since she's been up since 6 this morning and Baylee does NOT want to take a nap. Go figure! Britt had to go to his trade show thing so he couldn't come home and let me take a nap. But, I guess that's why I have the Mom status! Never a dull moment and never a moments rest! :) Here are some pictures of the process!
Baylee and her "garb" from Wal-Mart at 5 this morning!

Baylee and Larry the Therapist... he was explaining to her what was going to happen!

Marking her head where the leads were going to go!

Yawning... imagine that!

Here we go!

All done!

Bye Bye Leads!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

She sure was a trooper, wasn't she? You just never know how kids are going to react to these situations. I hope you get answers soon, too. I also hate the waiting!

Miss Thystle said...

such cute jammies! I'm so proud of her, those tests suck.

Small Town Girl said...

I'm glad everything went okay. I hope the results are just as good!

OHN said...
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OHN said...

My favorite patients were the kids. They were rarely scared (once I told them I hated needles too and would NEVER use them;) and since most of the parents were cooperative in keeping them sleep deprived, they were usually snoozing right on time.

The only thing I miss about the career...the patients. The workplace environment/politics...not so much :)

I hope you get a great report.

Bird said...

Love the jammies!

I think we've got one of these coming up in May. Boo:( Charlie handles it better now that he's older, but it used to be like torture.

Let's hope they get this thing figured out soon!