Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, it's wee hours of the morning

Baylee and I just got up at midnight to prepare for her EEG that's scheduled at 8 am. UGH... I'm going to bring up a good point to them today. Why couldn't I just keep Baylee up all day and come in at 3 pm to do this? I could of even got her up earlier in the morning. But, instead... we had to get up at midnight and I have to keep her awake until 8 this morning. We did go to bed early last night... like at 5:30 so we aren't completely dragging.

Anyway... Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Blair. We didn't do much yesterday... we will have a party for her in a couple of weeks. With Easter and our Indiana trip I didn't do much planning!

However... little Blair has me wondering if the Organic milk I started buying is upsetting her tummy. She's been throwing up in the evenings when we lay her down to go to bed. Britt said she was up last night until 8:30 and then finally threw-up and went to sleep. I guess he went in to check on her and she was sleeping in it! Poor thing! So, I'm going to switch back to good ol' Great Value Whole milk and see if that doesn't do the trick. If not, I guess we will have to check some other things out. I know a lot of O babies can start to have bowel obstructions and I know sometimes diagnosing those can be a pain. Please pray that we are not looking at something in that direction and it's just the milk! I will keep you guys posted!

Big Hugs - Tiff


Small Town Girl said...

Wow, that's hardcore. Apparently whoever scheduled that appointment does NOT have kids or EVER been around tired kids. Seriously dumb. Hope everything is going well with the test!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sorry about your super duper early day, there. :-( I buy the Great Value whole milk and we all love it. I hope Blair can tolerate it. :-)