Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

So, it's been raining here for the past couple days. And, it doesn't look like it's going to let up until tomorrow... only to start raining again on Tuesday and Wednesday! UGH!

But, I guess it's that time of the year. At least it's warm out and we are really looking forward to Summer.

We went to church today and it was a GREAT feeling to be back there. We took Blair to child care for the first time and Baylee as always went to her class. She loves going there!

Britt and Baylee went to Lowe's a bit ago and are picking up some For Sale By Owner signs. Our house was on the market for 2 years and we really need to get it sold. We are probably going to just rent something for a year or so before buying in a school district where Baylee will go to school. We just need to get out from under this house payment for now. We have too many other bills that are going to come in with all of this medical stuff. So, we need to concentrate on the girls' care for now!

Hopefully we will get some action on it doing it by owner. Plus, it helps because there are a lot of other homes for sale in our neighborhood so that will bring traffic through!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Hugs - Tiff

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Small Town Girl said...

Sounds like things are getting back to normal for you guys. I'll cross my fingers that you get some buyer action on your house! I know you've been wanting to move on from there for awhile now.