Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boston Appointment

Let me put all of this out here while it's fresh on my mind.

First off, we were late to Baylee's appt. Not because of anything that was our fault, but they sent us the wrong appt letter so we had no idea. No problem though... they were so kind and worked us in ALL DAY!

We arrived to the Cardiology clinic around 11:15. Baylee did her height and weight check, went for the Echo and had her EKG. Then, we were discussing everything with Dr. Mary Mullen when she was called to an Emergency and had to leave. So, we went and grabbed some lunch because at this point it was 1:00 pm (our time) 2:00 pm (Boston time). We came back and Baylee did a 6 minute walking testing which she passed with flying colors. Then, we went to speak with Dr. Mullen once again. This Dr. completely amazes me. She picked up with her conversation RIGHT where she left off without looking at a chart or folder! LOVE HER! After we spoke with her we went down to the Lab dept and they drew some blood. OUCH! She does NOT like needles... she is just like me when I was little!

So, right now this is what's going to happen.

-She will be placed on Oxygen only at night while she is sleeping. This is to help dialate her vessels and relax them while she is sleeping.
-We will also have another sleep study performed to make sure once again her tonsils are not causing all of this.
-They are not adding or taking away any meds as of right now.
-She will have another Heart Cath either in October, but no later than November.
-She is also a tad bit restricted on activity. No rough sports or anything like that. She basically needs to learn to limit herself on activity and know when she needs to stop and rest.

All in all it was WELL worth the trip up here! I'm so thankful I researched and found the BEST when it comes to all of this. I will post LOTS of pictures when I get home (not just of the hospital, but our little bit of sight-seeing we were able to do).

I LOVE BOSTON! It is such a cool city... a lot going on!

More when I get home tomorrow!
Hugs - Tiffany


The Moore's said...

so glad you had a good appointment there! I pray that things to continue to improve for Baylee and that you and Britt can get some rest!! Be safe coming home!

The Moore's said...
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Evil Twin's Wife said...

It sounds like you're in VERY good hands there! :-)

Small Town Girl said...

I'm glad it went well! I've been thinking about you guys. :)

Katy said...

Well, sounds like they know what they're doing. I glad you went. I'm also glad that Baylee seems to be doing well.