Thursday, July 30, 2009

Delayed Entertainment

Today has been the LONGEST day of my life. Well, not really... but you will understand when I explain myself.

This morning started out great. It was cloudy in Boston, but we headed to the airport early in case we were stuck in security lines, etc! Our flight left late because of bad weather in Atlanta. Once we got to Atlanta we were in a holding pattern in the sky so that delayed us even more. We landed at 3:35 pm only to catch a 4:06 pm flight on the OTHER side of the airport. We all buy run to the other side and found out our flight was canceled. And, they didn't know where to put us. So, they put us on Standby for another flight. Got some lunch and found a place in the floor to have a picnic (it was NUTS in there with all the flights being canceled and such). After we finished eating we went back only to find out our Standby flight had been canceled. They put us back on our original flight to leave at 5:30 pm. UGH! We went back in time 1 hour and landed at 8:00 pm (Eastern Time) 7:00 pm (Central Time - our time).

Anyway... back to our picnic... had not all of this craziness happened I never would of met this famous person! Yes, I said FAMOUS people!!!!

If you are unsure of who he is let me give you a little history. His name is Jason Acuna also known as "Weeman" because he is a midget. He has been a professional skateboarder for the past 6 years. He appeared in Happy Gilmore when Happy was trying to go to a "happy" place and daydreaming... yes, weeman was in the dream! :) He has also appeared in the Jack@ss movies and with Wildboys on MTV. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff that will make me laugh. And, I was so happy I was able to meet him and have my picture taken with him!

So, even though we had a long day and really wanted to be home I was able to put a little smile on my face and not worry about the delays for about 10 minutes!

I will put some Boston pics tomorrow as well as more of what we "did" while we were there. Besides being at the hospital ALL DAY Wednesday!

Good Night!
Hugs - Tiff


Lacey said...

Oh I so wish Boston would call us, its making me crazy. I know their super busy because they are so good, but can't a secretary or someone at least call and let us know what they are doing. Argh. I can't believe you saw Weeman, too cool.

Miss Thystle said...

Do you EVER take a bad picture? If I didn't love you so much I might hate you for being so damn photogenic!

Baylee and Blair's page said...

Thystle... YES... that is actually a BAD picture. I was tired, in the airport not knowing what flight we were coming home on! UGH! I was just excited to be in a happy little place for a minute. I'm a HUGE fan of his!

Hugs - Tiff

Katy said...

Cool! I have never met a famous person and a lot of them spend time in New Orleans.

Small Town Girl said...

How cute are you!?!?! Seriously.

I bet that meeting made you hate your delays a little less, huh? Very cool!