Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fundraiser... I know I'm doing these updates out of order!

Okay... so I know I have more to say about everything. :) We had an AWESOME fundraiser at our church. It started out by my friend Shelli and I talking about doing a chili supper or something to raise some funds for medical bills and medical travel expenses for both girls. It went from that to the ladies at the church taking off and running with it.

Wanna know how you thaw 20 bags of frozen chicken? Here's a pic of how to do it! Don't mind the funny face! I was trying to open a bottle of italian dressing.

Yes, we thawed 20 bags of chicken in our guest bathroom bathtub. (Note: for anyone that attended the event... I did NOT drop any chicken in the bathtub and I'm a NEAT freak!) No worries about germs! :)
In all it was an amazing event and this helped us raise lots of money for the girls! I told Britt our next fundraiser could be a car wash. Maybe next Spring..... He wasn't on board for that, but I'm willing to do whatever it will take to get my girls the BEST care out there! I don't care if it kills me in the process.
Again.. big hugs to everyone that helped and donated anything to help with the fundraiser.
Hugs - Tiff


pixiemama said...

I can just see it now - the annual bathtub chicken fundraiser for Baylee and Blair!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love the new pic! I'm so glad the fundraiser went so well, too! It's great to live in such an awesome and giving community.

Miss Thystle said...

mmm bathtub chicken