Sunday, July 5, 2009


Things have been a little nuts around here lately! We've been back from the beach for a week. We had a fundraiser at the church 2 days after getting home. We are so thankful that most of the food and items were donated. We had a fantastic group of people donate their time to help put this together. We THANK everyone for that!

This weekend was the 4th. I love this Holiday. We get to celebrate our FREEDOM!!!! And, I also love the fireworks and good southern cooking! YUMMY! Just a latest picture of the girls. I decided to change up the picture and theme for a while.

I've got to get with it this week and book our hotel room and rental car while we are in Boston. I'm anxious to get up there and talk to the Specialist. We are just thankful that Baylee is responding to the Norvasc (blood pressure medicine). Then, we will return on the 30th and turn around and head up to St. Louis on Aug. 19th for Blair's surgery on Aug. 20th. 6 weeks later we will go back to St. Louis for a 2nd surgery for Blair. We are going to be a busy bunch the rest of this year.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!

Hugs - Tiff

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Small Town Girl said...

I think you've been a busy bunch this WHOLE year! You are such a great momma, really, I admire everything you do for your girls so much. I'm so glad the fundraiser went well!