Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gentry Safari

I love this place! My friend Brandy's kids spent the night Sunday after we were at the lake all
day. What was our purpose? Well, everytime they spend the night usually we head to the Gentry Safari. This place is SO much fun! They have a 4-5 mile long drive-thru area and TONS of animals to pet! Here are some pictures of the trip!


Small Town Girl said...


We don't have any Sonics around here...the closest one is in the Cities I believe and, well, when I go there I want something better than fast food! :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

What great pictures! I love the last one of Baylee - that look on her face is hilarious! And that monkey is adorable....If I was there, I'd probably try to steal him. ;-)

Katy said...

I would have been totally freaked out by the monkey, but that's about how close animals have to get for Charlie to notice them. Maybe we need to visit a place like that.