Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last night we went to a bbq at my Aunt and Uncles house. My cousin was in town visiting from MN. Got a cute picture of the 4 Grandkids on that side and thought I would share. They all play so well together and my nephews are probably the best behaved boys I have ever met!

They all started school this week. Baylee's first day was today. We switched schools because she needed to go more days to get her prepared for next year. She will start Kindergarten and this will get her ready for that. She is going to school where my nephews attend. I think she was more excited about me dropping her off in the car line and not having to walk her in to school!

Baylee got to meet her teacher yesterday. Her name is Miss Lea and she is so sweet! I think she is very structured and it will be good for Baylee!

Hugs - Tiff


Small Town Girl said...

So will Baylee stay with your sister when you're out of town for Blair's surgery? That's great that Baylee is going where your nephews go. I'm sure there's a little security in that since at least she knows someone! Cute pictures, too!

Miss Thystle said...

Baylee is so gorgeous. And I want to eat little Blair right up with those chubby little arms and legs. Yum.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Kindergarten is the best year ever! It's so much fun.