Friday, August 14, 2009

St. Louis - Part 1

The girls and I took a trip to St. Louis at the beginning of the week. Blair had to be cleared by the Pulmonologist and Anesthesiologist before her surgery this week.

Both appointments went great and they think she will do just fine for surgery. Of course they had to tell me all the bad stuff to cover themselves, but I tried to tune all of that out!

We will be leaving on Wednesday! I have no idea how long we will be gone. Hopefully just a few days, but that just depends on how well Blair does with the expander's in her belly.

I believe my Sister is keeping Baylee for us. Being that we have to be at the hospital Thursday morning at 5:30 I really don't think she would do well for that! Plus, she starts preschool next week and is SUPER excited!

Hugs- Tiff


Katy said...

Love the gorgeous picture.

You know, I always try to tune out the risks too--like "la la la I can't hear you" and remind myself that most of the time surgery isn't really optional. It's not like I'm giving Charlie a tummy tuck!

Baylee and Blair's page said...

Katy... totally agree with you. I mean, we could put this off a couple of years, but by then she will be a lot bigger. And, then there are risks of having to do multiple tissue expanders. UGH! I would rather get this done and over with and concentrate on Baylee. I feel like I'm going back and forth with them.

Big Hugs - Tiff

pixiemama said...

And remember - they HAVE to tell you that stuff EVERY time, no matter how many times you have already heard it. You are so wise to just tune it out. la-la-la....

your sweet family is in my thoughts.