Friday, August 21, 2009

Surgery - Night 1

Nothing major to report this morning. Blair is still stable and heavily sedated. I know they slightly decreased some of the pain meds so she's not in such a zombie state.

The Plastic Surgeon came by this morning and helped with her dressing change. They are still concerned with the 1 area of skin because it keeps getting darker. He said he assumes this area will die and if it does then they have a couple different things they can do to fix it.

-No fevers! YAY!
-Peeing a bit! YAY! But, let's pray for MORE pee!
-Abdominal pressures are 10 which is almost normal! They want it to be under 20.
-Pray for a miracle with the "dead" skin issue. Pink up Pink up!!!!

I made a sign for her door and put pictures I had with me up. It's nice that the nurses can see how happy she is when she's awake. We also had to buy some pink balloons (even though one says Happy Birthday - which it is NOT - thanks Britt). And, they provide a HUGE bag of hairbows to choose from. Of course my girl has to have some bright pink! All of this because EVERYONE kept calling her a boy! Ummmm NO! I will provide pictures of all of this on tonight's post! Yes, you will be getting 2 per day for a while! ------ You're welcome! :)

Rounds - They are getting ready to do rounds. This is how it works: Basically, you have to be in your childs rooms BY 7:30 am every morning. At this time the unit is locked down... so you cannot leave and you cannot enter the unit. And, they keep it locked down until after 10 or 11. Patient privacy... gotta love it!

I just ask that everyone to continue to pray that God provides her comfort, peace and healing!

In the meantime I will give ya'll a picture of the night before surgery!

Hugs- Tiff


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Thanks for all the great updates. My prayers will continue for her and your family!

Small Town Girl said...

Glad to hear things are going well other than that one piece of skin. I'll pray that it "lives"! :)

Miss Thystle said...

I am SO GLAD to hear that! YAY Blair!

toni said...

Oh, wow, things are looking up. Sweet little Blair! It's hard to see them doped up and swollen but it really won't be long until she's back to her usual self. I'm so glad it's all gone fairly well. I will keep praying for you guys!

pixiemama said...

I am beaming gobs and gobs and gobs of love and light to your little family.

She's amazing, Tiff, and so are you.


Joell said...

Hey girl! So glad things are going well! Praying for MORE PEE!! (Had to chuckle!) and for minimal pain and fast healing and PINK SKIN!! Big hugs to you and hang in there!

Robbins' Nest said...

So glad to hear everything is going well so far! We'll keep long are you guys expected to be there?