Friday, August 21, 2009

Surgery - Day 2

Everything has been going good so far today. Lots and lots of pee so those prayers are working! :) I have to chuckle myself. I know I've prayed for other people and their kids to have lots of pee or poo... just never thought I would do that for her just yet!

Once again today has been pretty uneventful. Still watching the patch of skin and it keeps getting darker. It's okay and I'm not worried about it because I know there is a plan. If there wasn't a plan I would be totally freaking out.

I was pretty exhausted today. This chair I get to sleep on in her room is not made for sleeping. It does not recline all the way and it's pretty hard. Since I'm a side sleeper it's not my best friend right now. I would sleep in the waiting room, but I don't want to be far from her right now. Hopefully, once they extabate her and move us up to the 10th floor then things will get better. Both of us will be able to sleep in the room with her so that will be better.

Baylee is staying with my Sister and having a grand ol' time! She didn't have school today so my Sister took her swimming at her neighbors house. Tomorrow she is going with my friend Brandy and her family to the lake to go boating! And, then she will spend the night with her. So, for now she is occupied and doing great! I miss her though, but I've got to be here and I know Baylee understands. My Sister showed Baylee pics of Blair's "tummy tuck" and she thought it looked great! :)

Also, someone asked and we will probably be here a few weeks. Yes, it's a long process but by doing what we did we probably cut out 2 or 3 surgeries.

Hugs - Tiff


Katy said...

Hooray for pee pee prayers--I've prayed for pee myself many times.

Can't even look at the belly because I'm staring at her beautiful little face. ICU is tough--you should go rest in the waiting room a little. I find it's harder when they're not sedated and you have to be with them 24/7.

Good thing they have a plan for the patch. REally, considering the fact that this was just supposed to be a stretching surgery, it's amazing all they were able to do. If they gotta go in a tweak a little, you'll probably still end up spend a lot less time in the hospital.

Jibber Jabber said...

We're all so happy that things are still going good...wahoo for pee! I would tell you to rest in the waiting room too but I'm assuming it still looks like a refugee camp in there...LOL Maybe someone has moved on and you can take Katy's advice and sleep for a bit in there even if only for a couple of hours. You have a long road in front of you and don't need to be so exhausted early on.
We miss you and as we said...if you need ANYTHING we're only a few hours away.
Love ya!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Yay for pee! When my son was born prematurely, they thought he might have had a problem with his kidneys because he wasn't peeing a lot at first, so we had people praying for pee too! I'm soooo glad to hear things are going so well and that there is a backup plan for a patch. Continuing to send prayers your way.