Saturday, August 22, 2009

Surgery - Night 2

Last night was calm once again.

Britt did not wake me up until after 7:30 when he arrived at the hospital. Once again, I slept in Blair's room in the OH.SO.NOT.COMFORTABLE.CHAIR! So, I'm stuck in here until they get done with rounds and I have to pee pee really bad! Not to mention I really need a shower!

Blair's hemoglobin dropped a bit over the last day. It is now 6.4 and normal for her is around 10. So, she might possibly have to get some blood to bring that number up. Nothing to be concerned about just yet. They are going to keep an eye on that as well. So, let's pray for some higher hemoglobin numbers!

The surgeon team came by earlier and said that everything was looking good with the exception of the dark area. (See post above) They are still waiting that out to see what it's going to do and if they will need to do a skin graft.

Also, she is a bit allergic to her antibiotics. This does not mean she cannot have them, but rather she needs a bit of benadryl with the dose. She gets what is called Red Man's Face after getting her dose.

Here are some pics of the morning of surgery. I will put today's belly pics on tonight's post!

Blair getting weighed in.

Blair with Mamaw (Britt's Mom)

Me, Blair and Britt - she's on goofy juice that's why she looks crazy/goofy!

Steffen, Blair and Sanne (One of my BFF's - they are from Indianapolis)

Blair looking out the window of the play room.

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers and support. You have NO idea how much it means to us and there is no way we could ever re-pay everyone!


His Doorkeeper said...

I read your comment on my daughter's blog and I came over to read your daughter's story. I am so awed by what all your family has been through but see that you have two BEAUTIFUL girls!!

I want you to know I will be praying for Blair and everything heals correctly. Also, my mother had a VSD all her life and it was never repaired(they didn't even know about it till she was grown) and she had a very active life and passed away three yrs. ago at the age of 86!

Praying for you and your sweet family!
Kelly's Mom, Judy

pixiemama said...


(& crossing my fingers for a better night's sleep - ask for a cot and try the mattress directly on the floor. that's what we've found works best.)

therextras said...

Posting on your experience helps others, Tiff. Thanks so much.

I was reading another blog, and the family member intending to sleep in the hospital was going to get a camping cot to take to the hospital - Would that work for you? I hadn't heard of that being done before.

Watching and praying.

Kelly said...

I'm out of town and just saw your comment!!! Oh you have a gorgeous family and Blair is precious!!! Praying for a quick recovery! Bless both of your hearts! I think you live in my area???? Email me if there is anything I can do for you - big or small!! I mean it!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Just seeing her face makes my heart melt every time! I will anxiously await the next update - still praying!