Saturday, August 22, 2009

Surgery - Day 3

Today has turned out to be another good one. Although Blair had to get a blood transfusion today she is doing great. Her hemoglobin was at 6.3 and normal is 10. So, that's why they decided to do a transfusion.

Also, her bladder pressure was a bit high tonight. They want it to be below 20 and tonight she was at 22. She has been at 10-17 in the past couple days. They have a call in to the Dr. to see if there is anything they need to do for that.

The patch of "dead" skin is pinking up on the top part of it. They still think she might lose the bottom portion... so, prayers for that would be great!

They talked today about starting to wean her off the vent tomorrow. I don't think they have made official plans so we will just play that by ear.

Hello everyone!

Getting my blood transfusion.

My blood.

My door that Mommy decorated.

Thanks for my gifts!


Katy said...

I remember Charlie needing a blood transfusion and i was so confused--I mean, he wasn't bleeding. Apparently, they take a lot of blood from these kids for tests--they were doing a draw every hour while he was in ICU--so, he wasn't replacing it as fast as they were taking it. I wonder how often they draw Blair's blood?

So good to hear that some of the skin is pinking up! Simply amazing what the body can do.

It will be great to get your girl off the vent! So many less drugs/worries once that happens.

Saying a prayer for you guys right now!

Debbie said...

I hope she is off the vent soon! My prayers are with you.