Sunday, August 23, 2009

Surgery - Night 3

As if we don't have enough to worry about while being 6 hours from home... our car got broken in to last night. The funny thing... they were only after money and nothing else. And, thank goodness that they didn't break my windows to get in! But, still... a part of me feels a tad violated! And, dang it... they STOLE my Sonic money! :) I have a change bag I always keep to use at Sonic for drinks and such! After all, there's nothing like a good ol' Strawberry Limeade!

Last night was another smooth one. They turned her vent settings down over the course of the night and she tolerated them very well! They are wanting to extabate her in a bit as soon as one of her meds wears off.

They did an x-ray last night and saw a small hernia... they are trying to get a hold of the Dr. to see if it's really anything to worry about. It might be something he knows about from her surgery.

They are talking about what kind of dressing they want to do when she wakes up more. She is very protective of her belly so they want to make sure when she wakes up she's not rolling to her belly. I told them good luck because she is a HUGE stomach sleeper. They said she cannot be on her belly at all because it's kind of like a compression dressing... and they don't want those either!

Also, her hemoglobin rate has come up. It got down to 5.9 and now it's 10.5 after the blood transfusion! YAY blood!

Bladder pressures are normal enough that they don't want to monitor those anymore. She still has her catheter for now. They also gave her a glycerin suppository to try to get her to poop yesterday.... still NOTHING... so, now we need prayers for POO POO! PLEASE!!!!!! Obviously the prayers for pee pee really worked! Thank you for those!

They are going to start some TPN feeds as well. They think this will help with nutrients for her skin to heal up nicely.

So, I would say in the next day or so we should be moved to a regular room! That way both Britt and I will be able to stay in her room with her! Don't get me wrong... I'm really falling in love with the OH.SO.NOT.COMFORTABLE.CHAIR and all, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things... Chair, I will miss you! NOT! :)

Britt's Sister, her husband and the 3 girls came up yesterday. They are picking up Britt's Mom and taking her back to Cabot. She rode up here with us so was kind of stuck and needs to get back to take care of some things at the dance studio. Her car is at our house and they will just get it later. It sure was nice seeing some familiar faces. I just know soon enough we will look back and this will all be over.

I'm just so thankful to have wonderful surgeons that helped fix Blair's belly! Dr. Warner and Dr. Kane... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Hugs - Tiff

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Jibber Jabber said...

Praying for poop and also that she somehow will just know not to sleep on her tummy...asking a bit much there, aren't I? Glad to see that everything is going so well. We love and miss you!