Monday, August 24, 2009

Surgery - Night 4

Last night was pretty calm.

Blair had a bit of a low grade fever (99.5) right before I laid down to try to get some rest. She was also shaking in which we figured it was from the lowgrade fever making her have the chills. They kept an eye on it all night and she's much better.

She's been awake most of the day today. She still hasn't had another bowel movement and we are still praying for poop! She's been pretty content today and has needed less pain medicine. They are just giving it to her as needed now.

They are still doing TPN feeds and Nutrition came up and even talked about feeding her something. I'm hesitant about that because this morning she started doing this gaging and wretching thing. Nothing came up, but it scares me that her tummy wouldn't be able to take the food. I wish she would have a couple more bowel movements before they decided to do that. I just want to be certain all of her plumbing is working properly!

Please say a little prayer for a family down the hall from me. Their son drowned and they are taking him off life support today because of no brain activity. They have TONS of family and friends up here that have been coming in and out of his room. They've been camped out in the conference room ever since they brought him in.

Hugs - Tiff


The May Quad said...

Dear Lord, I know you have sweet Blair and her whole family in your arms and you have brought her so far and never once left her side-thank you! Thank you for being with the surgeons and gracing them with the wisdom to be able to perform your miracles by avoiding the additional surgeries. Please Lord, continue to heal Blair's body, allow her digestive system to completely heal and begin to work steadfastly on its own, allow it to take in the food you provide and let her family celebrate joyously like no one else can when she poops-we all know there is nothing else like those first BMs after surgery!!

pixiemama said...

pain meds can slow pooping. here's hoping for poop!

i'm so sorry to hear about the family down the hall.


Jibber Jabber said...

Glad to hear your monkey is doing so well. My heart is breaking for the family down the hall...
Tell Britt hi and give Blair a smooch.

Miss ya!