Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All is still well!

Sorry I did not update last night. There really wasn't much to report. Britt let me go back to the hotel so I could get some rest. I was completely exhausted!

They are talking to the surgeons about releasing us today and moving us up to the regular unit. Which will be nice because we can sort of move in up there. After that happens we can move out of our hotel! Ronald McDonald House never called us for an available room. I know they are very busy and since we don't have Baylee with us this will work out better.

I think my Sister is going to bring Baylee up this weekend to visit us. I think my Mom will be coming with them as well. Hopefully Blair will be less sore by then and maybe moving around a bit more.

The part of skin that was turning black has really started to turn red. It kind of formed a blister and is pinking up. They still think the very bottom portion of that flap of skin will not make it and they will let the skin fill in.

She pulled her NG tube out of her nose last night. And, she sounds MUCH better after getting that out! :) Britt said he went and got the nurse and when they came back in she was holding the tube looking at them like, "You better not put this back in"! That's my girl! They said they won't put it back in unless she starts throwing up. They haven't said anymore when she can eat, but they are still giving her TPN feeds with nutrients!

Hugs - Tiff


Jibber Jabber said...

I can just see the look on her little face...LOL! Glad to read another positive report. Glad you'll be able to see Baylee this weekend...though I'm sure she's getting spoiled rotten I'm sure she misses you guys.
Yak at ya soon!


kellyk said...

so happy things are going well!! you guys are really amazing.

Joell said...

Hey girl! So thankful that all is well...she must be feeling *some* better if she's yanking out her NG tube! LOL.

Continuing to pray for healing and for that skin to stay ALIVE!! Glad you rested last night at the hotel. I know you must be missing Baylee something terrible! I bet you'll be so glad to see her this weekend...and vice versa!! Keep hanging in there and rest when you can.