Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Movin' on up!

Well, we have busted out of the PICU and up to the 10th floor. It's much quieter up here than the busy PICU! We love it... we can both sleep in here with Blair and it's just much more comfy!

Blair loves it too... she has her own little bedside tv that pulls out next to her crib!

Dr. Warner (I love him) has already been up here to see her. He said she just needs to heal. She cannot be on her belly yet... which I'm sure if she rolled on it she would NOT be happy about it. But, she can roll from side to side!

As I type she is being funny and laughing at me. I think tomorrow I may try to give her a sponge bath. She.stinks! :)

Also, we can have our cell phones up here!

Hugs - Tiff


Jibber Jabber said...

Yippee...wahoo...oooohhhh yeah!! Glad to see you've been sprung and will have some slightly nicer digs.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Thank goodness you have been moved to more comfortable accommodations.
Are you in peds? Our peds stunk - with the uncomfy chair bed things and such. It sounds like you all have a very nice set up - as it should be! Now, baby Blair, you just rest and get better!

Lacey said...

I need to go back and read into your blog. I know she has an ompholecele, but was it still on the outstide until now? What did she just have done? As you may have seen Boston will take Jax case. So when you have a chance email me your Boston tips.

Mike said...

Britt's Thurs AM "Cracker Barrel" group is praying. We are grateful for the successful surgery. We love ya'll.