Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still sick = NO SLEEP!

Update... the Dr's office called back. They said if she is still running a fever tomorrow morning then to bring her back! So, more waiting and I hope it goes away by then! I hate seeing her like this!
My baby... not Blair... is still sick. She keeps running a fever and still has the hacking cough. What to do What to do? I'm going to call the Dr. today and see if she needs to come back. On Tuesday while we were there she did say that there was fluid behind her ears. I'm assuming that was leftover from the ear infection from last week!

I really wish that there will come a day when we don't have to "look" forward to our next Dr. appt! Really... they are getting OLD!

Anyway... tomorrow I do actually look forward to the ENT appt for Baylee. Hopefully we will get some answers on whether or not the tonsils come out! I hope they do... only because it can't hurt and they are big anyway! Maybe this will be the end to the Hypertension... only one can hope, right?

Hugs - Tiff


Small Town Girl said...

One can only hope you see an end in the doctor appointment SOON! I'm sure you're gettin very very worn out with it!

toni said...

Poor kid! I really hope she gets to feeling better--and that you guys can be done with the appts for a while! My mom had what Blair has--as a child she'd loose hair in quarter size patches, it'd grow back. No steriods (skip those--hair's just not worth it.) no other treatments. As her top hair grows longer it should cover up any bald patches underneath. Now, as an adult, my mom's hair thinned and thinned and finally it all fell out by the time she put 3 teenage girls though high school. She has no eyebrows or hair on her head, gets mad that she still has to shave her legs! It's no biggie. Blair's hair will grow. Give it some time. It probably is stress related as you said--she's had a rough month! Hey I gotta ask you a question I'm going to email you.