Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sleep Study

Baylee did very well for her sleep study! She was a brave little girl this time and only cried a bit from the scrubbing stuff they have to clean their skin (on their head) with! I knew she wouldn't like it. As they also have to clean area's on her face.

Baylee being silly in the waiting room before they took us back

Playing in the cool playroom

All hooked up and ready to go

This is the lady that hooked everything up on her. She was SO sweet!
5:45am.... we are outta here!


Small Town Girl said...

Yup, don't blame her for being scared of all that stuff one tiny bit!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Even with all those wires, she's a cutie!

toni said...

I know you're glad thats over with! Baylee is so brave...and even though she probably didn't like the wires, they made her look so hardcore and awesome. You tell her that.