Tuesday, October 20, 2009

St. Louis trip... both girls!

Our trip to St. Louis went better than expected. Here are a couple of pics from the rest area on the way up there.

My friend Wendi and Blair. She came with me to help with the girls and keep me company. After all, 6 hours in the car one way is a little much with both kids. It's MUCH easier with 2 kids.
Sunday evening we met up with Bayta's Family. They were scheduled to have their Omphalocele baby the next day. They call me their Fairy O Mother as I have guided them in the direction of St. Louis and Dr. Warner. She was born Monday morning and is BEAUTIFUL. She was able to have a complete closure surgery as her Omphalocele was very small.
The girls being silly waiting on one of their appointments.
Beautiful Bayta - I was able to visit the NICU before we left and meet sweet little Bayta! She is beautiful and doing great. Hopefully they will be home soon!!!
8:30 - Blair visits new Cardiologist - Dr. Canter
This appointment went better than expected. She had a full Echo of her heart that determined her VSD (hole in her heart has closed completely). She does still have dextrocardia (and probably will the rest of her life). This is where her heart is on the right side of her chest. But, so far, it's an isolated issue. A lot of times their intestines will be backwards as well. We already know with her surgery that is not the case. She will not need to be followed by a Cardiologist any longer. This appointment literally took about 10 minutes of visiting with the Dr.
10:10 - Blair visits with Dr. Kane (Plastic Surgeon)
He said things look great with her belly. We are still letting things heal and will do a skin graft when the scab falls off. He thinks that will be a while as it's still pretty attached. We are to continue doing the wraps like we are now.
12:30 and 1:00 - Baylee has an Echo with Dr. Grady (Cardiologist - Pulmonary Hypertension Specialist)
Everything went as scheduled and her heart looks the same as last time she had an Echo done. I really liked Dr. Grady. He seems to want to work with Boston to do everything locally (except the big stuff). That way we don't have to run to Boston for every little appointment. We are to continue all meds like we are giving them now as well as the oxygen.
So, looks like we get to get "rid" of 1 Dr. at least! No more messing with Little Rock from this point forward! Except Dr. Lyle (Blair's Neonatologist) because we love him so much. But, I think she only will see him once per year or so from here on out. And, that's if she's having issues. I think they are pleased with her development and that's something that can be followed with her normal Pediatrician.

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Robyn Bennett said...

once again great pictures. I am so glad Wendi was able to go with you. She is such a good fried. thanks again for your visit yeasterday. I managed to only cry twice the whole time so I think it was a successful treatment.