Thursday, January 7, 2010

Insurance Companies

That $22,000 is what we paid in 2008. We have another almost $25,000 that we get to write off for 2009.
I called CVS and spoke with several Departments. I guess they have a program where they will pay for 2 or 3 months of the shots! YES... FULLY COVER THEM! That's until we can apply for some other assistance. BUT, Blair will not qualify anyway for the shots after April since she will be 2 then. So, we won't have to worry about it anyway! And, we ONLY qualify for this because we had $22,000 in medical expenses last year that we wrote off on our taxes!
So, normally I do not like to put anything negative on here. But, it's time that I do a little venting.

Monday I received a call from our Dr's office telling us that they were trying to get Blair's Synages shots lined up for this year. (This is a shot she qualifies for until she turns 2 throughout the winter to prevent RSV and Pneumonia). She was calling to check deductibles and everything in order for her medicine to be shipped. Normally 1 SHOT would cost almost $5,000. Last year we only had to pay a $50.00 deductible to CVS Pharmacy for shipping it to our Dr's office to be administered. THIS YEAR our Insurance company (I refer to them as the devil) decided to get around this only paying $50.00 and now that cost goes towards our "family" deductible. Which is $5,000 because we have more than 1 person on the plan. Now that little shot will cost $2,300/month until we meet the $5,000 deductible.

I have decided that we will eventually meet our family deductible anyway this year with Blair having a skin graft and Baylee having another Heart Cath. But, STILL... I'm not happy about this "change" they decided to make. And, I'm really not happy about sending them $2,300 today!

Also, Blair has Medicaid as well. She ONLY qualified for this because she spent more than 30 days in the hospital when she was born and she is considered disabled. But, since she is not currently taking any medications for her heart or anything else Medicaid will NOT pay for the shot. WTH?

This is where I get so frustrated. It's like we have Insurance and Medicaid for her for a reason! But, they make it so dang hard on us and anything but easy for us to use it until we meet that HIGH deductible!

I've tried shopping around for other healthcare with no such luck because of both girls pre-existing conditions.

Luckily we usually spend at least 7.5% of our adjusted gross income on medical things so we can at least write this off on our taxes. But, looks like our tax return will already be going back in to medical bills!

And, our premiums went up again this year!

Here's to 2010!



So sorry about the insurance. We are still in the middle of the battle for Karsie's shots... and it just makes me so irritated that they think it is ok to treat babies like this! Your little Blair should qualify and there should be no question/charge (in my opinion). Hoping you are able to get it all taken care of and that there will be no charge to you guys!

Katy said...

Insurance companies suck. Oh yes they do. The system is broken--I just wish I knew how to fix it.

Small Town Girl said...

Seriously, you had alllllmost as much in medical bills last year as I make in a year! That's just craziness!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I do battle with our insurance company on a regular basis. I especially like the way they change the rules and regulations arbitrarily and then don't tell anyone. It makes my blood boil just thinking about it. I'm glad you were able to find a way around your problem!

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