Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've been extremely tired this weekend. It started Friday. I had 4 kids at my house! :) But, they all played SO well together. Britt decided to take Baylee to the Tiger football game. It was the last one of the season and we are 1st in the State! I had no other choice than to take Blair and Ben (my friend Stacy's little boy) to the church with me to work. Blair was NOT happy! She is not use to staying with anyone other than me and it was loud in the baby room Friday night. I had 15 kids alone in my class!

Around 8:30 I decided that we needed to leave early since most of our kids had left and Blair was still upset.

We also had company this weekend for the Razorback game. We took Baylee to tailgate and she had so much fun! We left by the time the game started and went by my friend Brandy's house to pick up Blair. We hung out there for a bit and played some cards. By the time we got home I was WORN OUT! My feet hurt and I was so ready to crawl in to bed. Britt and our company didn't make it back until midnight last night. They had to clean up after the tailgate and make it back in traffic so it was late for them too!

I went to church this morning and then to our Discovery Group afterwards. We took a tour through the church campus. It's huge! But, it was interesting to see the different area's!

Today I actually took a NAP while Blair was sleeping! I was so excited to sleep for a few hours and really really needed it!

I will keep everyone posted on Seattle and St. Louis for this week!

Hugs - Tiffany


Amanda said...

Girl...I'm feelin ya on the tired part. I have taken a nap both yesterday and today. I NEVER do that. Poor Nykile, I think that he thought something was really wrong with me.

Small Town Girl said...

Sounds like you've got lots going on!

I'm with you on being tired, too--I slept in until after 10 yesterday! I NEVER do that! Hope you get caught up on everything.