Monday, January 19, 2009

I haven't felt like blogging!

I'm still getting over being sick... UGH.... I don't ever think it's going to go away! I have this nagging cough that keeps lingering! It's just annoying! And, it comes and goes and I have this awful coughing fits!

Blair had her 1st OT and PT appointment since finding out she isn't having surgery right now. She did really well! They showed me some different techniques to help her eat chunkier food. Right now she will gag and gag if we have her tried to eat cheerio's or fruit puffs! So, I worked with her this afternoon before feeding her some 3rd level foods and fruit puffs. She did better so I will keep working on it with her.

I'm looking at different pre-schools to enroll Baylee in this fall. She keeps asking to go to school so I need to make a decision on where we want to send her. I have a couple more schools to call before enrollment time!

Hugs- Tiff


Miss Thystle said...

I can't wait for Baylee to go to school, you will just DIE with the things she brings home. Preschoolers are far, far funnier than you can begin to imagine.

Debbie said...

I hope the therapies go well and you see lots of progress.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Keep up the great work with the therapies. Buddy was born prematurely (I'll blog about that about mid week) and I looked forward to the therapy appts. It's hard enough being a mom - but being a mom to a child who has extra needs can be overwhelming. It's nice to have a support system.

Lorrie Veasey said...


Small Town Girl said...

I just realized yesterday that Teagen will be in school this fall. That's just WEIRD.

Good luck and I hope you get back to your normal self soon!

Anonymous said...

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